R&D Center
Wodeer Technology Group currently has five R&D centers in TaiZhou, ShangHai, ShenZhen, SuZhou and Stuttgart, Germany. It has more than 300 technical engineers and applied for more than 100 patents, many of which have filled the domestic gap.
TaiZhou ● R&D Center
TaiZhou R&D Center (Wodeer Technology), established in January 2012, is located in TaiZhou City, Zhejiang Province. At present, it has more than 100 technical engineers. Mainly responsible for developing automobile Hall sensor.
ShangHai ● R&D Center
ShangHai R&D Center (Wodeer Technology), established in March 2017, is located in Minhang District, ShangHai. At present, it has more than 110 technical and engineering personnel. Mainly responsible for the development of automotive temperature sensor, liquid level sensor, pressure sensor, ignition coil, electronic oil pump, electronic water pump, controller and other products.
ShenZhen ● R&D Center
ShenZhen R&D center (Wodeer Technology), established in December 2017, is located in Nanshan District. At present, it has more than 30 technical engineers. Mainly responsible for the development of advanced auxiliary driving systems such as automobile image system sensor, 360 look around, anti fatigue driving, face recognition and so on.
SuZhou ● R&D Center
SuZhou ● R&D Center ( WODEER Technology ),Founded in July 2021, it is located in Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town, covering an area of 200 square meters, with more than 10 R & D personnel, most of them from world-famous sensor companies. Mainly responsible for R & D of European and American sensor projects, R & D of new energy sensors and components, etc.
Europe ● R&D Center
Europe R&D Cente(Wodeer Technology) ,Founded in January 2018, it is located in Stuttgart, Germany, with more than 500 square meters of office space and 100 million yuan of R&D investment. The main research direction is new energy vehicle technology such as vehicle current and voltage sensors.
CNAS Accredited Laboratory
The laboratory adheres to the quality policy of "science, justice, accuracy and satisfaction"
CNAS Accredited Laboratory
Wodeer Group laboratory was established in 2013, adhering to the policy of "scientific, fair, accurate and satisfactory".To fullfill the product development and verification requirements, product function test, environmental reliability test, mechanical performance test, electrical performance test, chemical load test, EMC performance mapping, X-ray nondestructive testing, coating thickness test, product cycle durability reliability test, etc can be carried out with sensor function test bench, high-precision oil bath, high-temp/ constant temp&humidity test/cold&hot shock test/rapid temp change chamber, three integrated vibration test system, mechanical test machine, drop test bench, composite salt spray chamber, Water-dustproof test box, electromagnetic shielding room, X-ray, film thickness gauge, product cycle durability test system and other advanced testing equipments.
Jiangxi Laboratory
In 2021, Jiangxi phase II construction of the laboratory will be started according to the National Laboratory specifications. After comprehensive upgrading, the laboratory area will be expanded to 30000 square meters, which can undertake all testing projects required for the development of various automotive sensors, actuators and controllers.
Awards and Certificates
A number of technologies of the developed products have filled the domestic gap and obtained more than 100 patents
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