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Ren Zhufeng, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, visited Jiangxi Wodeer for investigation and guidance
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On May 12, 2021, Ren Zhufeng, vice governor and member of the Party group of Jiangxi provincial government, visited Jiangxi Wodeer Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and research, accompanied by relevant leaders of Jiangxi Province, Yingtan City and Yujiang district. Huang LiuXiao, chairman of Wodeer technology group, accompanied the reception.


Ren Zhufeng and his party visited the exhibition hall and production workshop and carried out field research. Mr. Huang introduced the company's scale, operation and management, product technology and other aspects in detail. After listening to the explanation, Comrade Ren Zhufeng spoke highly of the construction speed, quality and production automation level of our company.


At the end of the visit, Ren Zhufeng said that Yingtan Yujiang is a place with high-quality business environment. He encouraged Wodeer technology group to take root in Yingtan Yujiang, accelerate enterprise development, and stressed that enterprises should constantly improve their independent innovation ability, actively develop new technologies, actively develop new products and boldly explore new models. At the same time, he encouraged enterprises to further strengthen their confidence, practice their internal skills, constantly improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness, and ensure active advantages in the fierce market competition.

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