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One hundred universities attract talents, and Wodeer technology group enters Guizhou University
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Recently, the campus recruitment fair of "2021 Zhihui Taizhou · introducing talents to 100 schools" (Guiyang station) entered Guizhou University, a well-known university in the West. Guizhou University is a national "world-class discipline construction university", "211 Project" key construction university and "one province, one school" key construction university.


Zhejiang Wodeer Technology Group Co., Ltd. actively responded to the government's call, provided a large number of jobs for the majority of students, reflected the responsibility of the enterprise, attracted excellent talents to join, supported the talent introduction work of Taizhou city with actions, injected fresh blood into the enterprise itself and strengthened the talent reserve of the enterprise.


The recruitment site of Guizhou University station is full of talents. Some students learn about Taizhou through this recruitment fair, enter Wodeer technology group and find suitable jobs. Zhejiang Wodeer technology group took this job fair as an opportunity to deepen school enterprise cooperation and promote universities and enterprises to a new level in talent exchange.


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