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"News broadcast"Praise Taizhou private economy, chairman Huang LiuXiao interviewed
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On the evening of August 25, "news network" praised Taizhou for creating a new glory of private economy! In 2002, there were only two private enterprises listed in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. 16 years later, Taizhou has persevered and cultivated intensively, and the family enterprises here have become modern enterprises; From small scattered weak and massive economy to seven hundred billion industrial clusters; From the endogenous development of self accumulation to the fission development of overseas M & A; Taizhou private economy is moving towards "new brilliance" step by step. Zhejiang Wodeer Technology Group continues to invest in innovation and R&D, strictly control product quality, improve enterprise management level, and help Taizhou's private economy take off in its own way.


Huang LiuXiao, chairman of Wodeer Technology Co., Ltd.: as long as we relatively control and compress R&D, in fact, our profits will come out soon. Our customer group has covered almost all automobile factories in China, so these processes fully recognized by customers have strengthened our confidence to move forward.

Under the effective guarantee and coordination of the "two hands" of the government and the market, the advantage of "private economy" has been fully stimulated through "effective market" and "promising government", and Taizhou private enterprises have formed a stable fighting ability and tenacious vitality.


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