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The promotion conference of the province's strong industrial province was held in Yingtan, and 300 participants visited Wodeer science and Technology Industrial Park
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On September 15, the promotion conference of Jiangxi Province as a strong industrial province was held in Yingtan. In the morning, the participants visited Wodeer science and Technology Industrial Park, learned about the vivid practice of Yingtan's Old Industrial Road and fast new road, and felt the strong pulse of Yingtan's industrial development on the spot.


Governor Yi Lianhong and his party listened to the introduction of the enterprise and the follow-up development plan. Governor Yi Lianhong fully affirmed our achievements in product R&D and innovation, mastering core technologies such as sensor design and development, and expanding enterprise benefits.


He pointed out that Walder technology should continue to adhere to technological innovation and product innovation, make enterprises bigger and stronger, and contribute to stimulating the level of local economic development. He stressed that enterprises are a new force to promote development and scientific and technological innovation. They should shoulder the main responsibility for safe production and environmental protection, and play a positive role in poverty alleviation through industrial development and employment.


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